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Hanson   updates   !

New album, This Time Around, is coming out May 9th!  
Single reported to come out March 9. 

Page   updates   !

OK these are the major updates whenever I actually remember to put em up,
1-15-00 Hmm lemme see not much on the hanson front - though you know 
there is deffinately stuff going on behind the scenes we don't know 
about. Anyways I finally added quite a few more links to Club Weird. 
I also have been doing a lot with my A-Teens site so go check it out. 
The link is up in the link section!!! Oh yea, something else odd, I 
haven't really updated lately but I have been like really musically 
proud lately - this is necesary consider my faves are hanson and 
Swedish groups which get dogged on all the time. Ok this is like 
really really long. I think I shall copy and paste it into the updates
thing for posterity. Yea yea I know - me? actually putting something 
on that page? Ok well Chow 4 Now ! and Tif I do NOT want the mango!!! 
Hey Christy .... yea you oddball ...... one word =  BOOMER !!!! 
5-3-99 created the museum added some things to the main page 
5-1-99  Chosen for Kanga awards - site of the month for albertanian mmmboppers
4-28-99 New arcade added to the city 
4-24-99 Links pages renamed
4-20-99 Added the link to the triple M grocery the trade page I had made 
a while back.
4-18-99 Ok another brief time without writing my updates but hey 
anyways in the past few days I have added the park which is a help 
hanson page and the police department which is a poser page .
I also have recieved an award and added a few banners to the links page
I also have have been chosen as site of the week by Albertanian Mmmboppers ! 
OK well Chow 4 Now ! 
4-6-99 The past few days I have added things to the page I need to 
get on a creative splurge and get some really new stuff
3-6-98 ok i need to write in here more just bcuz i didnt write doesnt mean i didnt do anything
i got the netscape prob fixed yeh !!! anyways i updated everything even
added some pics !
11-26-98 i haveny written in here in a while but that doesnt mean that i didnt
update but i just didnt write in here today i updated everything
reveiws ,updates,links , main page, dittys everything go check it out !
10-6-98 today i made sure everything was up to date ex,. apperaces etc.
10-4-98 ok i havent written what i have done in a while but that doesnt 
mean i havent done anything because i have ! 
9-13--98 ok today i did some random stuff and updated the apperances go take a look !  
9-10-98 sorry i havent updated a lot i started school monday and cant do it 
as much 
9-2-98 today i just did some random fixeruppers 
8-22-98 to day i redid the front page i cleared some of the stuff out i put them all in 
there own  links u can get to the same places  by going to there  links. 
8-20-98- today i put in my reveiw of the charlotte concert.
8-7-98 - today  i added zac links , and updated the news section , and started a 
reveiw page send in any reveiws you have please ! 
7/31/98 -  today i started on this page and put  more things on the apperances
page and redid the news it neded  it ! and am still working !
7/29/89 - today i put backgrounds on all of the guys pages 
and did ikes page !

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