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Are you a Hanson fan? (I hope you are if you're here) Do ya come from Georgia? Well, lets tell the big old world know that we DO exist! (even people in Sweden LoL) My friend Tiffany started a group of Hanson Fans from Georgia. If you have any ideas for names of our lil group, email me here. Me & a few friends have had this group for a wee bit, but just in our part of Georgia at out school and stuff. Now we want to make it all over Georgia! We really liked the name "Red Peanut Buttered Twinkies." At least you can say itz different though kinda tacky. :) If you are from Georgia, please sign up for the 'groupie' type club. We will meet at places most often at Hanson concerts etc. Just join below. You do not have to have a webpage to join, but if you have one, I'd appreciate it if you would place one of the banners on your page.

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