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[ Dittys ]

I'm snowed in in the middle of nowhere next to the river near my neighbors madeline and lucy and the man from milwaukee said he was mmmbopin to earth one day to throw a boomerang with me so after that we all went back to the island but we got some poison ivy so we came home and as surely as the sun we played with soldiers and he got speechless so he went home !

I'm sittin by the river throwin my boomerang. I'm itchy cuz I got poison ivy. My mom's callin so I need to get back to the island. She's callin cuz my sisters madeline and lucy are tattletales my freind from next door that calls himself the man from milwaukee was speechless tonight i thaught it was weird when we got done with dinner madeline ate her spagetti in an mmmbop then lucy was a total mes my mom said look at you ! she cleaned her up since the man wasnt talkin madeline said wheres the love tonight he didnt reply so i told him he needed to go home so he did adn before he left he said i couldnt live a minute without u guys yall are my best buds we said well be with you in your dreams and he replyed ill be thinking of you

ahhh the DAY HAS COME i was THINKING OF YOU and got TWO TEARS beacause i thaught of this dog who fell in the RIVER and as SURELY AS THE SUN in an MMMBOP i found my SOLDIER i had lost many years ago that i had heard so many STORIES about not ever being found again we looked at PICTURES from times in the past when we would play together SOMETIMES he finally went to sleep and i said id be WITH YOU IN YOUR DREAMS he said ill be THNKING OF YOU too and in an MMMBOP he was asleep i thaught it was WEIRD he went to sleep so i was SPEECHLESS for a while i wondered WHERES THE LOVE ? so i thumbed through my yearbook adn i LOOKED AT YOU and LUCY and said tomarrow I WILL COME TO YOU i went to sleep and when i woke up i said i couldnt live A MINUTE WITHOUT YOU so i came to visit you MADELINE before i left i said to the soldier ill still be WITH YOU IN YOUR DREAMS then he CRIED because i left him and came to visit you so i left and called zac to say MERRY CHRISTMAS BABY and tell him WHAT CHRISTMAS MEANS TO ME and talk about LITTLE SAINT NICK then AT CHRISTMAS actually christmas eve we celebrated and had a great time and his mom was sayin at CHRISTMAS (BABY PLEASE COME HOME) she was talking about her husband he had to work both of our familys were ROCKIN AROUND THE CHRISTMAS TREE then when my mom said it was CHRISTMAS TIME we had our christmas eve dinner sice EVERYBODY KNOWS THE CLAUS we had to go to bed so we didnt hear RUN RUDOLPH RUN it was an O HOLY NIGHT ,and a SILENT NIGHT let me just say one thing about O COME ALL YE FAITHFUL let me just say they came we woke up the next morning and had some great family moments we looked outside by chance and guess what it was a WHITE CHRISTMAS

I was sitting in the middle of nowhere actually i was at the beacon theatre eating some red jelly beans i saw isaac backstage eating a peanut butter sandwich with mackie rocking around the christmas tree they had set up back there to make it look festive then i heard zac scream merry christmas baby (i think he was talking to zoe ) walker was outside on tay's dirtbike he fell with an oomph diana ran out to him and he was ok yet still shaken

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I am snowed in in the middle of nowhere, in a 3 car garage near a river, in a town called Tulsa, itz very weird because Lucy and Madeline keep saying they are with me in my dreams and Lucy is asking Zac where's the love??? because he is hooked on Madeline

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I'm walking down the road to albertane when madeline comes up to me crying two tears about the soldier. We sat down by the river for sometime before the man from milwakke came up to us and said don't accuse soldier for dumping you he's just a lonely boy who needs someone to give him some lovin! If ya ever need someone I will come to you always and I will be thinking about you. Well i gotta go and get supper for lucy I can't spend a minute without you i told her so i have to go back home bye! Wasn't that wierd he just came and left I thought I was speechless but apparently madeline wasn't she cryed saying wheres the love over and over agian until it turned dark and I left telling madeline that I will be with you in your dreams then after that it was just stories and pictures I had eft of her cause she ran off until the day has come when she will come back 2 the island in the middle of nowhere

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It was a White Christmas and Zac was Rockin Around the Christmas Tree. Taylor said Look at You always acting Weird. Zac was Speechless and had Two Tears until Isaac said come on lets go for a ride. So they all went out to the Three Car Garage and got in the VW Bug. They drove by a River and saw a Soldier taking Pictures of a girl named Lucy. They drove and drove until they came to a little cabin in the Middle of Nowhere. There were kids singing Silent Night so they stopped and joined in. An old lady who lived there came out and said Look At You. You must be cold and invited them in for hot chocolate and told woderful Christmas Stories. Everybody was listening and not watching all the snow fall and they all got Snowed In.

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I am "Snowed In" in the "Middle Of Nowhere" in a "3 Car Garage" in Tulsa Ok, "ITZ" near a "River" and also very "Weird" concitering "Hanson" is here, Tay is hooked on "Madeline"(and me lol) and Zac is asking "Lucy" "Where's the love"

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mmmbop ba du ba dop ba du bop isn't it weird isn't it strange all ya gotta do is keep on tryin till your call gets through when the night is dark and stormy you won't have to reach out for me I guess we'll neever know exactly where this river's gonna flow look at you look at you baby don't cry I'm by your side when we were young stories were told sha na na na na na na na na as surely as the sun rises each day the way you walk around me the way you talk around me or maybe I'm hallucinating hyperventilating fly the wings of an eagle somethings been going on and I don't know what it is the best things in life are free but you can give them to the birds and the bees gimme some lovin gimme some lovin i love you more than anything, than anything I do madeline here we go around again there's 1440 hours in my day the day has come where I've never thought of anyone quite as much as I think of you bing bang it hit me like a boomerang tell me where did Johnny go on the day that I left Lucy, my Lucy for every tear that you cry, two tears fall from mine once upon a time in a toy room not so far away lived a boy who had so many toys pictures on the wall pictures everywhere so I cried the day you said goodbye MMMBOP!!!!!!