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Taylor the Pisces (February 19 - March 20)
For the Fall = This sign signifies a duality of nature: one part being a spiritual disposition, the other an earthly alignment. The good news is we can have our cake and eat it too, by uniting our inner spirituality and physical experiences. Focus on dance, yoga, even roller blading-anything that will bring together our body and mind. It just may be the thing we need to rise above a fear we've been having lately.

Zac the Libra (September 23-October 22)
In his effor to avoid conflict is he sacrificing his own happiness? Sure he wants to keep the scales in balance, but at what price? It may be time for you to confront the source of your angst and let that person know how you are feeling. The brief turbulence you'll experience will be worth it in the long run and will give you a a renewed sense of harmony.

Isaac the Scorpio ( October 23 - November 22 )
A transformation is coming-maybe not today or tomorrow, but soon. Perhaps his job is no longer challenging and he would like to try something different. Guitar lessons,(not for Ike Lol) a new sport, a different hobby-something in you is striving to break out of the routine. Lucky for him, Scorpions are known for their adaptability. When he goes for it, it's almost an ensured success.